MLMM Holiday Wordle – Wedding Day

She woke at dawn. It was the day of the winter solstice, more importantly, her wedding day. Preparations hummed throughout the morning. She decided she would help with the most tedious task, perforating the paper poinsettias. The white petaled tussies would be the finishing touch for her two bridesmaids.

Everywhere she looked, was wedding paraphernalia. The caterers had reception tables set up with white tablecloths and florid ribbon bows, and red and white wine reminding everyone of the coming Christmas holiday. She and her fiancé had no immediate family, so looked forward to their first holiday together.

She had planned this day well, wanting it to last forever, thus the chosen date. The honeymoon would take place in a secluded cabin, far from any interruptions. She had visited this location, had everything prepared for their private, undisturbed week of romance. It had been a busy year and this ending and beginning in one, would be their reward.

He had picked the music for the reception, including their favorite song to be played for the traditional first dance. They both didn’t want to drop some of the wedding rituals of celebration. They danced, cut and served the modest cake and admired the gifts. They visited every guest and thanked them for coming and chatted appropriately. After she threw her bouquet to the crowd, they stepped into a limousine taking them to their mountain destination.

All preparations made resulted in a perfect wedding day. Both were looking forward to starting their new life together.

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