Fandango’s 20 Questions

Exactly what is a fandango anyway? I looked it up and there are a thousand ways to interpret it, well maybe not thousands, but some funny ones…

I started following this gentleman – https://fivedotoh.wordpress.comwhen I spied his icon…who could not be curious and interested in what’s hidden behind the paper bag? Certainly not me and the love affair began…well not really, I just said that to get your attention…

1. Window or aisle? Aisle, I’m claustrophobic.

2. White bread or whole wheat? Whole wheat, more flavor.

3. Car or pickup? Car, a 1964 Ford Mustang, silver blue with white interior.

4. iPhone or Android? Samsung android, but I wouldn’t mind an iPhone…

5. Foreign or domestic? Depends on the subject…people, film, travel, food, wine? Both.

6. Hip hop or pop? Pop.

7. Watch tv or read a book? Read, unless it’s Outlander or Poldark on PBS, or History Channel, Natgeo….I guess both!

8. Summer or winter? Winter. You can bundle up to get warm, but the hot sun doesn’t agree with me.

9. Daytime or nighttime? Daytime because even though I can’t be out in it a lot, I love the light, cheeriness, positive vibes the sun gives.

10. Hot or cold? Cold, you can always get warmer, but relief from heat is more difficult.

11. New or old? Oldies are goodies in most things, except bananas.

12. Fiction or nonfiction? Love both.

13. Poetry or prose? If it’s not mine, Poetry.

14. Democrat or Republican? Independent — isn’t it against the law to ask this?😂

15. Windows or Mac? No question. Apple is so much easier than Windows.

16. Mountains or oceans? For reasons above and general beauty, the mountains, every time.

17. Whole or skim? I detest milk, but if I have to use it, skim.

18. Coffee or tea? What happened to the third part of that question (or me)? Coffee hot, iced tea.

19. Football or baseball? I grew up in VT, baseball. Now I like rugby, hence my handle.

20. Soda or pop? In New England it was soda. In TX and CO, it was pop. Now I don’t drink either.

Well that was fun, Fandango! I hope more people take you up on it. I’m proof that curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat…wound, embarrass, maybe, but I’m not dead yet!


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