She sat mindlessly watching the television, sound muted. It was the same story, two people meet, fall in love, disagree over something, resolve their conflict and then the happy ending. I could write that script a thousand times, she thought. Why is it always so easy in some book or movie? Real life isn’t like that, it’s meetings and smiles, talking and listening, fighting and making up, and then she stopped. That IS the movie plot!

But it’s not real life is it, arguing with herself. Love doesn’t last or turn all syrupy in the end, life is not like that. Life is hard. It’s not some white fluffy cloud you float around on, it’s roses with sharp thorns, dogs that bite, illness, pain and suffering. She chided herself, you’re being too harsh, life is difficult, yes, but it also has gifts and reward, children’s laughter, passion and love, you can’t forget that, you need to think of that.

“I need you to think of that” she suddenly heard him, his voice in a whisper. “You need to remember the good times, the fun, the love we shared. . .I still love you, and we will meet again”.

I love you too, answering silently, I always will, but I miss you.



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