The Secret Keeper 118

It was no ordinary day for the gold panners. Someone discovered a pinch of the sought-for dust, so all uncertainty disappeared. Enthusiasm reigned once again, displacing the pain of nearly frost bitten fingers, constantly swishing the frigid water.

Gold panning has never been out of style. From the early 1600s people have been searching and reaping the rewards of this precious metal at a steady rate. The Spanish panned for it in gold placers of South America, and history reports the Romans also used this method.

Gold has always been a popular ore and is used in many different ways, the most recognizable is a worldly form of currency that will never go out of style. It is a softer metal than some used in manufacturing today, but gold and seeking it will never be a ghost in the industry. Gold mining continues all over the world, but the stories Americans hear of it usually include a Western theme, with inexperienced miners sometimes being buried with the very treasure they seek.

Panning for gold is fun and relatively safe if you want a similar experience of the American “old west”.


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