MLMM Tale Weaver – Unlikely Conversations

“Hey little man, who do you think you are? You will never win, I can squash you like a bug!” His breath practically blew the boy off the ground he was standing on. He was standing straight up, trying to appear taller. Of course that didn’t fool the huge giant in front of him. The boy David was petrified, but remained stalwart.

Goliath was not the brightest soldier in the group, certainly over confident, being at least ten feet tall. He believed no one could ever defeat him. “So, boy, why have you come? You should go back and warn the others. I’m going to kill you all!”

“I am not running back. I am here to defeat you! Just because I am much smaller, I am wise.”

The giant laughed, saying, “Do your worst, I’ll wait”. David pulled back the sack holding a large stone and hurled it towards the giant. The stone hit the bigger man on the forehead and knocked him down, permanently.

Never underestimate the power of the Brave.


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