Bad Day at Black Rock or how I spent my Friday

Yesterday was one of those “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days” or as I usually call them, “bad day at black rock”. The first referring to the children’s book:

“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”, published in 1972, is an ALA Notable Children’s Book written by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Ray Cruz.

And the second to an old Spencer Tracy movie I’ve always liked. Yes, it was one of those. Started out well, I got up early, looking forward to my UPS delivery they emailed me about, a shipment of my favorite, Macintosh apples from upstate New York. I grew up with this apple in Vermont and since moving away fifty years ago, have not found them again. This year I decided to give myself an early Christmas gift. I was checking my email to find the package had been delivered. What? I was ready to receive it early, left a special note on the door to UPS saying to knock and I’d be there in a minute, etc.

I won’t go into every detail but between calling UPS and my apartment complex office let’s just say my frustration level was up to the boiling over point. And then I had a small tiff with a Blogger. Shall I add the weather? Rain and wind? Well you get it….

My faith in humanity restored late afternoon as Patrick, a maintenance man who has helped me a few times, showed up at the door with my apples. Patrick is one of those super nice guys you get to meet once in a while. Last time I called on him was to rescue me, stuck in ice and snow on my way to get my mail when my scooter just stopped dead. Luckily I always carry my phone. The poor man loaded me and the scooter onto the maintenance vehicle and then pushed me on the scooter into my apartment. See, there are a lot of selfless people out there and when he showed up with the apples… he was in the office when they happened to be discussing my irate phone call, ahem, and overheard them complaining about my complaint. It’s started again already, UPS dumping all packages in the office instead of attempting to deliver to the actual people.

So that was part of the bad day at black rock….you’ve got to love these old trailers…😊


9 thoughts on “Bad Day at Black Rock or how I spent my Friday

  1. My apple munching days are over. More like eating razorblades these days? Applesauce however is a big favourite for us. With lemon, raisins and dried cranberries. Cinnamon, fresh grated nutmeg and cloves. Yummy with plain yoghurt. Cheers Jamie

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  2. At least the apples finally arrived at your door. One thing I have discovered…never argue with a blogger. They will never let the argument drop and things will degenerate into the dreaded name-calling and hurt feelings. Negative commentary is fine so long as there are no personal comments.
    You’re not the only one who loves “old” movies. Bad Day at Black Rock is one of my all-time favorites! The third Man (Orson Wells) is also terrific.

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  3. MacIntosh apples are quite nice. My first hobby farm had three very large and neglected trees there, when we bought it in 1970’s. The next 18 years was spent pruning and cutting them each spring.

    I can still buy them locally in the fall, here on the Island. I don’t. However they are quite nice, though a little tart, compared to other varieties being sold. I hope you’re able to thoroughly enjoy them? I think that trick of delivering parcels is quite common. It’s hard to blame them, the delivery guys, when the company likely overloads them with deliveries? I hope your day ended well? Cheers Jamie

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