Daily Prompt: Dubious

Sometimes you meet someone who is never dubious about anything. They accept their situation and plow on, full steam ahead. My grandson pictured in my SYW post, the handsome fellow on the right, is one of those people. He was born without arms, a nub on his right, and a longer nub on his left ending in two small wrench like fingers which are useless. This year he decided it was time to be fitted with artificial arms, provided by the wonderful Shriners Hospital in Utah. He’s been on a couple of visits and decided on arms with hooks. Of course I believe the motivation is inspired by wanting to drive. He has always had the opportunity to be fit with arms but was never interested. Believe me, it will be a while. He’s only a freshman this year, but being in high school with all the independence he observes, I’m sure it’s the same for most kids.

He’s an amazing kid and it’s not just me being a grandma who thinks so. He’s super intelligent, has a voice that never quits, so joined the debate team this year. ☺️ In his first basketball game ever, he scored a three point shot. He tried track, unfortunately fell and broke his collarbone, but he’s never deterred by setbacks. A couple of years ago we were walking to the local pharmacy and he stopped to tie his shoes. I didn’t even know he could do that! His older brother, my chauffeur, said, “yes, I taught him how to do it.”

He has better penmanship than most of the family and can navigate my laptop better than I can. He has been a gift to all of us since his mom saw his infant picture in the adoption group. She never had a dubious thought, it was love at first sight.



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