Time to Write – Ungrateful

I don’t want to appear ungrateful

But sometimes you’re handed a plateful

Troubles, sickness, loss of a job

Might make you just want to lob

A rock through a window

Or dance the limbo

In a tequila fusion

Promote the illusion

That life is delightful

Not really spiteful

But just fateful

So, try to be grateful.

Time To Write: Ungrateful

3 thoughts on “Time to Write – Ungrateful

  1. Hi Cheryl, I had this conversation with my daughter on the way to the airport, that we’ll never to be in a perfect place. Even if we thought we got there, we still think that something is not right. Yes, we must be grateful for whatever we got and wherever we are. Thank you for your post!

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  2. I’ve had a few platefuls through life, a few roller coaster rides I didn’t want to be on, but such is life and one has to ride the waves and be grateful there’s a warm bed waiting at the end of the day. Murphy’s Law is tricky and unexpected. When one thinks everything is going wonderfully, fate lobs a rock through one’s rose-colored glasses. Loved your post! 🙂

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