That’s Life

Today I have my 6 1/2 month check at the Urologist.  Doesn’t seem possible it’s been 2 1/2 years since bladder cancer reared it’s definitely ugly head causing me to have a certainly sexy, lovely bag attached to my abdomen. But who’s counting? : )  
The usual routine at a urologist, pee in the cup.  In the bathroom there was one of those wave your hand paper towel dispensers.  No matter how or how much I did or didn’t wave, it wouldn’t work.  I could see the paper inside but it wouldn’t come out.  As I laughed, I thought it was sort of a metaphor for life.  It’s right in front of you, you can see it, you just can’t get it.  Or maybe not.  What do you think? 

: ) Have a great weekend! 


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