SoCS November 4, 2017

Shortcuts taken sometimes end up the wrong choice. Cooking chicken and dumplings for instance. Stewing a whole chicken with savory herbs, onions and vegetables, makes a great tasty broth. Then cooling the meat, deboning, and cutting it up and setting aside while the root vegetables finish cooking in the natural broth takes time. Preparing homemade dumplings, cooking them on top of the vegetables over broth takes twenty more minutes. When done, adding the meat and simmering till hot takes time, but the result is a delicious homey meal everyone will enjoy.
A shortcut involving frozen prepared chicken, canned broth, canned vegetables, and refrigerated biscuits, is quick yes, but is it worth it? Try both and then decide.

Have a great Sunday!🌸🦋🌺

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 4/17