MLMM Wordle 175 – Orion and Halloween

Mr. Jones had a legendary weathervane atop his woodshed. It was hand carved with woodcuts of the constellation Orion, the hunter. Since Mr. Jones was an archer and bow hunter, it was his favorite among the stars. The weathervane was unusual because he had inserted a glowing type of paint showing the basic star formation that depicted Orion, and at night the form duplicated the night sky vision.

The neighborhood was sparse in his end of town but he would get frequent visitors, especially on Halloween. The little ones were frightened, only seeing the glowing dots and not knowing what they meant. He welcomed any visitors, usually having a savory treat to share. The rule of thumb for Mr. Jones was to be accommodating to all folks and if they shared an interest in the constellation, even more so.

It was puzzling to him why anyone should be scared of his woodcarving. Shaped very carefully for the hunters image itself, he had smoked the irregular borders to create a fading effect when observed against the night sky. 

Unlike some homes that did not invite the costumed spies, he welcomed them and was happy to tell the history of his creation atop the shed. This attitude kept the older local children from doing shenanigans in his yard on All Hallows’ Eve.

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  1. thanks for playing this week’s wordle 🙂

    I like how you’ve created the story around the weather vane, makes for an interesting approach and angle.

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