#writephoto 10-19-17 – Spur

I guess it’s time to move.  Time to think of other things, get out of the rut I’ve been in for a while, she thought.

 You have places to go, it answered.  You have dreams, why not fulfill them?  It’s not impossible, you know.

I can’t.  I am the horse who refuses to move even if you kick those spurs into my side.  I feel the pain, the urgency with which you want me to react, but I don’t.  Maybe I’m just stubborn and you can yank on the reins, kick me again,  and I won’t react.  

Do you enjoy the pain?  Are you so set in it that it’s becoming your friend?  Always there to relive again and again?  An ally you can sink next to and let the rest of the world go by?

I don’t know.  I only know it hurts. It’s frustrating, I’m conflicted, I want to move forward. . .try me again, I think I’m ready to go forward.  A few steps could be a good thing, right?

Thursday photo prompt – Spur – #writephoto

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