10-17-17 – The Smile

“Well that’s odd, look Joey, someone drew a smiley face on the Pink Door.”  

“Wow, I wouldn’t think anyone would get that close to actually touch it, would you?”

“Touch the door, are you kidding?  I’ve never even seen it open!”

The Pink Door would remain a mystery to all children.  The story goes is that any human being who passed through the door was never seen again.  The two brothers were not about to be the next victims.  Even adults would bypass the odd colored door.  It’s not as if they were afraid of it exactly, but it was fairly simple to avoid it.

Children especially, were attracted to the Pink Door, but most of the time they were held back by their parent who had also heard the rumors.  No one lived inside the door that they knew of, but gossip goes a long way in a smaller community.  No one really knew of anyone missing, but unfortunately, stories filtered down till they became “true”.

The Pink Door was once admired by a traveling salesman as he was passing through town.  His curiosity as to such an unusual door drove him to knock.  He saw a notice on the door, but it was too faded to make out what it said. With the door color so bright, he anticipated a happy, friendly individual answering and a possible sale.  Knocking a few times, he was about to walk away when the pretty pink door opened to frame an old man.  “Good day to you sir” greeted the salesman.  “How are you this fine morning?”

The old man uttered a “whaddaya want?  I don’t need nuthin, go away!”  Undeterred, the salesman swept off his fedora and bowed a bit in a respectful gesture, hoping it would soften the old man’s demeanor.  

“I’m so sorry to bother you this fine day, but I am in dire need of a drink of water.  Would you be so kind?”  The old man was surprised his gruff greeting did not lessen the salesman’s enthusiasm, and he was lonely, so he stepped aside to let the gentleman inside. No one ever came to see the old man and he thought better of turning away the visitor and a chance for company.  He shuffled over to his sink to fetch a glass of water while the visitor surveyed the home.  “A very nice home you have here, sir” as he sat down at the kitchen table.

The old man returned to see the visitor had already seated himself without asking, but instead of chiding him, he sat down in the opposite chair.  The salesman drank a few sips and proceeded to engage the old man in conversation, asking him about the home and eventually saw the old man settle in and relax.  After a while they were talking like two old friends, realizing they had parts of their lives in common.  Finally the salesman mentioned the door and said he admired the color choice.

The old man started to tear up as he told the story of his wife of many years, adding it was her favorite color.  After she passed he was full of remorse for not fulfilling her wish of painting the outside of their home pink.  He always laughed and replied they would be ridiculed by the neighbors with such a color.  After she died, he painted the front door pink for her memory.  The two men continued their conversation and when the salesman left a few hours later, they were both more content for their meeting.  “I’ll be sure to stop by again next time I am in town”, shaking the old man’s hand as they parted.  The old man noticed someone had put a smiley face on his door and a rare smile crossed his face.  It must have been her, he thought and went back inside.


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