Time to Write – Autumn Fruits

Autumn or fall 

Whichever you call

Is the season upon us

At least in the US


The scent of apples

Might cause dapples

To small chilled cheeks

While in water they seek


A bite in the barrel

It’s hardly sterile

But bobbing appley

Makes all kids happy.


Then along comes Halloween

Everything creepy waits to be seen

Carving pumpkins that cause a fright

Illuminated by candlelight.


I love this season

For many reasons

Cool frosty nights

With a fire, delights!


Time To Write: Apples & Pumpkins

3 thoughts on “Time to Write – Autumn Fruits

  1. I so love this time of year too…
    I was just making a list of reasons why I love it …for a blog post heheh…
    Love your writing you hit everything in it…

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