Daily Prompt:  Fraud

A certain young lady we’ll call Suze

Yes, she blogs with never a ruse

She’s out there in the Midwest

That would put anyone to the test!

But I digress

Making a mess

When all I intend

Is a reply to send.

It just won’t work

I look like a jerk

When I just want to reply

But always denied

By jetpack or some other rule

I’m not stupid but seems I’m a fool

I’m not a tech savvy person per se

I just try to get through the day

Without following WP instructions

Even when I do it malfunctions.

So Suze if you’re reading

It’s just me, pleading

I’m not retreating

But it’s self defeating

To keep hitting “replying”

And it’s constantly denying

My request, is it fraud?  😂


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Fraud

  1. I too have that problem with Suze from Enid, can’t reply under the bell in the upper right hand corner, gotta go to the original post and scroll down to enter comment. By he way did you know Enid said Sallisaw Henrietta Waggoner Tallequah? ( Aw, c’mon stretch your imagination a bit)

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  2. uh oh…I have broken a rule yet again when I threw my old computer out a window……rats. By the way, this sucker is getting posted on my blog so I can keep it forever! (yes, I am indeed that vain!!!) lol

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