Daily Prompt: Popular (not)

Another day, another fifty cents, yes that’s me, today, looking up from a down position.  Not much to see here folks, no positive outlook, but hey I did give myself a laugh.

After a shower I wanted to adjust a throw rug.  Ever try to place a throw rug when you’re in a wheelchair?  Go on laugh, I did, thank heavens.  I needed it.  Some days you have to laugh and just say “f” it.  Hope I didn’t shock you – think I hang out with teenage boys too much.  Anytime I tried to straighten it, –and I have to say I’m a bit OCD here liking things straight–I was on it!  Ok, I’ll just let you mull that over…

I texted my family, eager for company and a ride to make two returns.  The bus doesn’t run on Sunday and I hate having large bags piled in my room.  Was texted back saying, “we are all in Denver”.  Now that is a bummer.  Besides, it’s cloudy and raining and I can’t even get out on that horrid device known humorlessly as a scooter.  So….

I’m going to have a frozen chicken pot pie, baked of course, I’m not that nuts, and watch “Why Him” I taped off the free preview this weekend.  I’ve seen it, its full of bad words, sexy references, etc, definitely not for under  – 18?  Make up your own age,  I saw it in the movie theater with my 19 year old granddaughter and laughed till I was sick.  It was her idea to see it because she loves James Franco.  She didn’t laugh as much as I did, which is understandable, she’s only 19 and not a parent of a daughter.  So I’m off, well that’s a given, but really, the oven is finally hot and I need to put in Marie Callendar’s chicken pot pie.  You can watch a trailer for the movie on YouTube.

I’ll try to write something spectacular today….uh, strike that!  I’ll try to write today.  Have a great day everyone, hopefully better than mine!


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Popular (not)

  1. We did same with Why Him? Same free preview weekend. That makes us both pretty popular 😉. I laughed at the frozen pot pie line. Classic!! Your humor shine through!!

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