MLMM Wordle #173 – Appearances

She had perfected the dramatic art of the supplicant. Bowing respectfully to the seraphic images on her way in to the huge church, she bent to offer her respect with the sign of the cross.

Isabelle was not particularly religious, but preferred not to cause alarm to her accompanying family or appear to squander their beliefs in public. She did make sure her petticoats were not showing, her shoes were polished, and her clothing a neutral shade.

Following her parents wishes she would never cause a scene by being conspicuous. Her dress today was of an ecru hue as most parishioners wore. Isabelle’s usual manner of dress was much brighter, but wearing them in a house of worship would be disastrous. However, that thought brought a tickle to her lips and her purposeful solemn expression turned to a smile.


One thought on “MLMM Wordle #173 – Appearances

  1. scribblersdip

    Well done in using this week’s wordle list 🙂

    Wonderful little story here, clear in the clever use and placement of the words, creating a very period picture in one’s mind – and the solemnity broken by a smile, is a delightful ending – a personal touch in what is often a very impersonal and bland setting.

    thanks for playing the wordle this week –

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