Picture Prompt 244 – Take my Grandma, Please!

Not everyone has a grandma like mine, thank heavens! I hesitate to tell many of her shenanigans, her word, not mine, but I’ll just mention one. She seems and looks like a regular older woman, but that’s all fake. In her mind she believes, actually truly thinks, she’s on this earth to teach people how to behave.

A mere trip to the grocery is an embarrassment to me, but I endure because she needs help. Her eyesight is not very good and she’s been known to purchase out of date items, for example. I usually accompany her but have learned to keep myself steeled to her actions. Heaven forbid there is a child screaming or running around pushing an empty cart. She is capable of bringing them and their parent to tears.

On the plane, pictured above by a flight attendant after the incident, is a prime example of how she demonstrates her “rights”. The man sitting in front of her had put his seat back as far as it would go and his head was basically in my grandma’s lap. Most people aren’t this selfish but it is annoying. Grandma wasn’t having it. She pulled out her inhaler and squirted it in the guy’s face. Luckily he had his eyes closed trying to nap. The man shot up and buzzed the steward.

If you happen to see my grandma, the “lady” pictured above, mind your manners or give her a wide berth.,

*This is NOT autobigraphical 🤠



6 thoughts on “Picture Prompt 244 – Take my Grandma, Please!

  1. I’m glad you said this was *not* autobiographical because I would be wholly on the side of anyone who chooses to recline their seat. It is their choice after all. I can’t stand people who take it upon themselves to supposedly teach others manners!

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  2. I HATE it when someone folds their seat all the way back on a plane…BUT, I can far more easily deal with it when then turn around and ask if it will bother me before they do so. On a trip overseas, I had the laptop out and was busily typing away and this moron that had the seat in front of me slammed back the seat..which threw my laptop out into the middle walkway. Since I was trying to “behave” myself, I picked up the laptop, grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled on it, then handed it to the steward to give to said moron….who proceeded to sputter in outrage that he had been handed a bill for replacement of the laptop. After a look at mine, the steward said “you’d better pay her mister, her computer is broken”. It wasn’t actually. BUT, the guy paid me for it anyway.

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