MLMM Tale Weaver – Princess Charming is no Fairytale

Maya and her sister were constant companions. Every day they ate breakfast, went to school, did their chores, and then played together. Most of the time play time consisted of reading an adventure story, taking turns reading as the characters and then acting out the stories. Susie and Maya were sisters and best friends.

The farmland the sisters grew up on was vast and full of adventurous avenues to accompany their imaginations. One particular location up in the hills was a large rock formation where the two girls would either be cowboys, indians, cops and robbers, or knights and princesses.

This particular day, the rocks served as a castle complete with tree branch King and Queen. Of course being the oldest, Maya was the princess and Susie loved being the knight. The princess would need to be rescued and the knight would have a white steed, and brandish a sword. All was going well with their play until Susie started taking large fencing steps, brandishing her twig of a sword a little too furiously. She toppled off the rock formation and broke her arm. She started to cry, but her sister was soon by her side. Maya rushed down and swooped Suzie up to carry her back home. It was a long walk and Susie looked up at her sister saying, “You’re my princess charming.”

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