Rant: Disagree with Dignity

Receiving a bad response again, I finally blocked the sender, and I am here to say:

Read, write, say what you want, but please don’t tell me I’m lying or don’t have my facts straight. Use your brain to voice your opinions, but don’t tell me I am wrong when I express my own. We are not all alike, do not think alike, and that’s okay. It’s not okay to try to discredit my opinion as I would not try to discredit yours.

Freedom of speech does not give you the right to hurt someone else. Think before you speak, or have a quiet conversation one on one, especially if you personally know someone. Disagree with dignity.


10 thoughts on “Rant: Disagree with Dignity

  1. I’m pretty open when it comes to comments on my blog and so far I haven’t had to block a commenter. But I won’t hesitate to do so if someone becomes abusive. Sorry that happened to you.

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  2. Since I have not read the commentary. I am unable to judge. Except to write, this your blog and it is your right to police it as you see fit. Since we have been subscribers to each other’s blog. I have come to know and respect your opinion, even if it and when it differs to my own. Kudos! Cheers Jamie

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  3. I don’t understand people like that… I don’t know why some people crave negative energy. I’m sorry you had to deal with that :/ Very gracious reply to agressive and disrespectful feedback 🙂

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