The Secret Keeper – Fairy Sighting


Suzanne quickly hid her journal under the covers. Trying to hide her adventures from her mother who would never believe her anyway, seemed illogical but she couldn’t take the chance. Fairies were not real, everyone knew that, everyone but Suzanne.  

Her first encounter with a real, honest to God fairy was last month. She had taken her journal down by the riverside,and set herself up next to her favorite tree. She loved it there, listening to the rippling of the small river waves, watching the dragonflies darting about. Every once in a while a fish would jump out hoping to catch one of the little beauties, but they only hesitated less than a second and moved on.

Suzanne also loved watching the frog families on the bank across the river. If she sat very still for a while, they dared to venture out from the reeds. Sometimes she would see deer footprints on the sand banks. She hadn’t seen the deer themselves but thought she would soon. The creatures were slowly warming to her presence. A few repeated days of quietly sitting, she hoped to see more and more of them.

The fairy sighting was the most exciting thing that ever happened to Suzanne. It was almost funny the way it happened. She was dunking her toes in the wet sand and thought she saw a deer out of the corner of her eye. She tried to hide in the bush on the bank and her sudden movement tripped her up. Finding herself face down in the grassy bank she thought she heard a slight noise, almost a buzzing bee sound. She turned her head slowly and caught sight of a fairy landing on the grass, very close to her head. To Suzanne’s disappointment, it disappeared quickly.

Some might think Suzanne only observed a pretty dragonfly and her wishes and imagination made her just think it was a fairy. Only Suzanne and I know the truth.

Weekly Writing Prompt #104

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