MLMM – First Line Friday

After the accident, unease grew like a mold in the corners of his mind. He didn’t intend to leave the scene, it was just that he had to. He was on his way to the hospital after receiving a frantic message from his wife, “Jesse’s in the hospital!”  

If you’ve ever received a phone call like this, you can appreciate his dilemma. He dropped the office phone, rushed to his vehicle, and sped out of the underground lot onto the street. His eyes were suddenly blinded by sunlight and he never saw the man crossing in front of him. He glanced into his rear view mirror and saw the man rise, so he thought he was unharmed. At least he wanted to think that at the time. His mind forgot about the man and he kept on speeding towards the hospital.

Jesse wasn’t a typical ten year old boy. Jesse was his only child, a son born with learning difficulties and health problems. His survival to the age of ten was a miracle at best. A need to go into the hospital from school meant something horrible had either happened or was about to.  

This is what was spurring him on to leave the accident; also what was causing the unease in his mind now. As he and his wife watched their son struggling to breathe, his mind recalled the man from the accident. 

They barely noticed the police officer enter the room.

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