SoCS – August 19, 2017


     Hey!  We have a new badge for Stream of Consciousness Saturday!  Very cool Linda, thanks for giving us this site.  It’s a good way to just say hello, voice your plans, or celebrate the end of a week. I’m celebrating because my (new) refurbished phone arrived from Amazon.  It is beautiful and in perfect condition.  Wider spaced keyboard for my fumble fingers and sharp focus.  I’m not saying everything was perfect.  I had to take it to a store and have them set it up.  Let’s just say the young woman must have had a hard day, or maybe many bad days.  I was almost panting with the wait and anticipation…..but here is my phone, quite a beauty!.
          I may have to change that wild background, but right now I’m enjoying the colors!  I may have to ask for a recommendation!😉  Have a great weekend people!💙💚💜

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 19/17


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