Daily Prompt: Prickle (Rant)

Ever open your email and have the hair stand up on the back of your neck, a prickle of sorts?  I came home today and read this:

Needless to say I am bewitched, bothered and bewildered at this notice.   No I didn’t run out and take the flag down.  I can’t reach the top of it.  I am considering the old saying redone by Bill Murray:   “I’ll give up my thesaurus (insert flag) when you pry it from my frigid, frosty, frozen, cadaverous, lifeless, stiff, defunct extremities.”  

Seriously, they tell you to put in in a flag stand.  Hello?  Have you ever been in the wind in Cheyenne?  The flag stand would have to be set in cement in the patio floor.  I expect that is prohibited.  I was outside in the breeze today and loved seeing my flag in the breeze.  Everyone should have one.  I think this is ridiculous!  I can’t use a regular flag holder from the siding because they aren’t real boards on the siding, it’s cheap plastic.  Hanging it properly inside would take up half the window and darken the whole room.  

This is an example of a small business with a small mind infringing on my civil rights. People cover their patios with unwanted furniture, let rugs fly around that they’ve placed there, cages with barking dogs, BBQ grills that are so large they obscure the whole patio, and I’m not even talking about junker cars in the parking lot.  I noticed today coming in the back of the complex, flags stuck in grass, tree limbs broken and not cleaned up, untrimmed bushes that obscure views at stop signs, and dogdo?  Forget it!

If I had a choice I’d move.  I pay a high rate for rent, takes half my pay.  I’m indignant at the attitude here.  I could take out an ad in the local paper telling all about a so-called “handicapped” apartment that I can’t reach cupboards, just to name one  inconvenience.  I’ll stop now.  I’m mad, can you tell? “Network” 1976:



3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Prickle (Rant)

  1. contact your local ACLU office. they will quite happily take up the cause of your flag. they did for me when the TX homeowners assoc said I couldn’t fly a flag expect on the fifteenth thursday of the month. okay that was exaggerated, but that’s what it felt like to me.

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  2. Wow. So there are people violating the rules all over the place and they bug you about an American flag? Is it possible to tell them that you’ll take it down once all the other, much worse violations are taken care of first?

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