Share Your World August 14, 2017

Hello everyone!  Please join us with the SYW questions from!  I put a copy of her site above so you can all answer them and her site address for this is below, just click and give it a try!

1. I turn the lights off.  I’m almost a fanatic about it, used to drive my husband nuts!  Living by myself I rarely turn any on.  It is light outside my apartment all night for safety reasons, I presume, so hardly need a lamp.

2.  My most enjoyable form of spending any money is on kids.  

3.  My favorite thing to do on my cell phone is answer it, nah, calling my sisters that live far away.  I text a lot because that’s how most people communicate these days, here in town.  Right now I’m looking for another, a refurbished galaxy note because of its keyboard.  It is larger and the keys are separated more.

4.  My inspiration this week is my eleven year old granddaughter.  I know you’ll think I’m just another prejudiced grandmother, but L deserves all the praise I can give.  First of all she’s sweet.  She is well spoken, polite, writes, draws, reads voraciously, plays basketball and soccer, and very talented at both.  She has been recruited by coaches for her skills.  Her only wish for her birthday was a mermaid tail swim suit.  We are having her party this week when her oldest brother can attend.  To say I’m proud doesn’t cut it and I’ll never tell if she’s getting the mermaid tail or not!😉💞

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