Picture Prompt – 224

This is where I want to be this morning.   I want to be inside this cave.  I want to stay here and want everyone I love with me.  
Is this the answer to all the hatred spewing out on every corner like a broken water hydrant?  How many people have to be injured or die because some one or group thinks they are the only ones on this planet that deserve to live?  Maybe if I go inside the cave, live there, the world won’t find me. 

The world is frightening.  Our supposedly “best of the best” world leaders are more intimidating than ever before.  Ours is the scariest of all, and his speech and tweeting fingers need to be controlled.  This is not a monarchy.  Democracy is being made into a joke, but none of us are laughing.

I’m looking out from the cave.  But even here I won’t be able to escape disaster.



3 thoughts on “Picture Prompt – 224

  1. True enough … but love is always, on the inside us. Not out there, to be found. Democracy was always a joke. For it’s just a panacea. A way of voting, not a political doctrine. I do not listen to tweets. Tweets are for the birds. 146 words is a poor way of communicating. However it is effective at winding others up. … Obviously it works. Little bread crumbs, lead out of the forest. Providing the birds have not picked them up? Cheers Jamie

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