FFFPP – 31    A Life More Ordinary

Every day Lucy took the bus to work, fifteen minutes waiting in the street, and an hour long ride to the bakery. Waiting for the bus in the dark of early morning was dangerous, but a necessary part of her day.  

The bakery job provided a meager living for Lucy and her son. It allowed her to be home at night with him. A neighbor sent him to school later in the morning after Lucy took the bus. It was not a perfect life, but they survived.

Lucy’s husband left after their son was born. She was fortunate enough to have a friendly neighbor watch her son until her early shift at the bakery was done. The neighbor and Lucy and her son became their own version of family. The three of them spent most of their time together when Lucy wasn’t working. She always brought day old treats home for dinner.  

Not a perfect life, but Lucy, her son and their neighbor relied on each other and grew to love the life they led.  It wasn’t a fantasy or her dream come true, it was a more ordinary life.