MLMM Wordle 166 – The Ruse

The eccentric older man shoved his walker into the door because it never seemed to stay open long enough. This was just one of the figments of living in a nursing home. He did have his own room, but the circle of inhabitants never faltered. He felt foolish as they sang Happy Birthday at his entering and he situated himself at the huge table for the obligatory candled cake. He was surprised that the chocolate treat tasted pretty good. Most of the food served was bland and soft.  

He saw the glint in her eye, the overdone makeup and bleached hair, a definite need came to his mind, fleeting, because he knew the dangers of entanglement in this type of facility. He stayed a while watching some of the others dance a bit and then shuffled back to his room.

Once inside, he set the walker aside, removed his clothes and grabbed a kit he had hidden in an old suitcase. He shaved his beard and took out the hair dye. After changing from all grey to stylish streaks of grey on the sides, he threw the canister away. His bag also contained a new set of clothes. As he admired his bright Hawaiian shirt and blue trousers, he felt his younger self again.

He checked the door and hall. It was empty. He donned a jacket and put the hood over his head. He packed the bag into his old suitcase, making sure the keys were in it. He also had a cell phone, a laptop and headphones. The hall was empty and he went outside. As he waited for the taxi, he straightened up his previously bent spine, glad to be out in the world again.

He stepped into the train station. The key still worked perfectly and he removed the second secret bag, hidden there for four years. It was finally time to live the life he was owed. The ruse of being a crippled old man was over. His plan worked, her family fell for it, but now the time had come for the last fulfilling part.

His wife, being a wealthy older woman, had passed away and his act of devastation at her death was believed. He insisted on the nursing home and her family was glad not to be bothered with him. His act of being old and lame worked on his wife and her family.  

The trick was planned so he could get away with the insurance payout, plus all the money he had stolen away while she was ill. He didn’t even feel a pang of guilt about the seduction, the cheating on her medications, none of it. He had a plan and now the end was in sight. He lifted out the bag with the cash. He had been feeding the bag at every opportunity and was sure the amount would establish a nice life for himself. He almost jumped for joy, realizing he had succeeded.

As he stood waiting on the platform, he felt young and free. The time of being a myrmidon was over.


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