FFFPP – 30 – It’s Easy?

If only it was that easy. You know the basic part of anything is easy. Even meeting people is easy. You know, the beginning–the look, smile, the sideways glance. Easy, right? Accidentally bumping into someone, taking a bit longer than necessary apologizing, observing as much as you can in a few seconds. It doesn’t even have to be contrived. I am not talking about meat market bars, or even online.  

We’ve all had that experience of walking along and someone stands out in the crowd. Your eyes meet and that’s probably the end of it. But then you stop to window shop and see the same person in the window. This time he is observing you while you stare at his reflection. If you have the time, you might enter the store to see if he follows, and once inside, a conversation may start.

You might be thinking this is dangerous. But a meeting and a few words in a public setting should be harmless. If you’re an avid reader, the library is a good place to meet people of like minds.  

Meeting someone is easy. It’s the nuts and bolts of a relationship that’s difficult.


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