Daily Prompt:  Toothbrush

Since I just received an email from a niece I’m not in contact with, giving me a link to a new remarkable weight loss system–today couldn’t get much worse! Really? You never contact someone and then send them a “you might appreciate this” email? I had to laugh!

Actually, I did laugh, after thinking, what the hell? 🤓To preface, I know, too late for it, but…..I just put photos of myself in the chair on my FB page. I never have and don’t like it when my photo is shared in a group setting. But I’m going to be seventy-one in a month, and I thought, okay, it’s time. Why, I don’t know. Now I wish I hadn’t. And for those who wish to see it, here’s the picture:

It’s a picture my daughter took on our last visit to the mall, and we’re eating TCBY. My caption was that we were taking advantage of the store before it closes along with all the others that are disappearing from our local mall.  She put it on and the last one she put on looked so much like my own mother, it was eerie, so I changed it for this one.  I thought it was rather brave, because I don’t have my picture taken and never like them.  So, I’m a vain narcissist you think?  That’s beside the point.  

And the point, now that I’m finally getting to it, is watch what you do or say.  Something you might think is a help or good advice may end up making the receiver feel inadequate, or disappointed.  I am horrible at this.  I tend to blurt out what I think and have, over the years and regretted it.  If I don’t think that dress looks good on you, I won’t say it does, I just won’t say anything.

If you’re still reading, here is the latest example.  I was shopping with a loved one.  I like to think she values my opinion, we’re both stubborn and usually have the same likes.  She was trying on some tops to wear for a summer event.  She really liked one that I thought didn’t flatter her at all, but kept my mouth shut.  I’ve found that is best.  Everyone wants to feel good when they dress up and see people they don’t see often.  Everyone wants to make a good impression.  

Now where were we?  Oh, yes, the email.  I guess they were trying to help.  Maybe they thought I was obese in the picture or that I shouldn’t be eating the dessert.  I don’t know what they thought, really, but I know what I thought! 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️
Now about the toothbrush, yes I have one.  I use it two to four times a day, especially after drinking coffee.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Toothbrush

  1. Personally I think you look beautiful, I can see the love between the three of you dancing around.

    As for your niece 😚👎

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  2. When I’m 71 I’m saying what I want, doing what I want, and if it’s not how I want it…I’m raising heck until it’s what I want. Once you get past 65 you get the I earned it pass. Enjoy and express yourself.

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