Share Your World – July 31, 2017

Good morning, and welcome back to’s Share Your World. This week the weather here in Wyoming is a bit cooler, we’re starting a new month, and one of my best friends has a birthday tomorrow, the first. My sweetest sweet is also turning eleven this month, so good news all around.

The questions C has for us this week are:

1. If you needed to have your vision corrected, would you prefer glasses or contacts? If you do have a vision correction, which do you choose?

I have worn glasses since I was twelve. I have always disliked them. Now I’m older, and usually don’t wear them when in my own home.

2. Are you more of a cat or a dog person?

I am like C. I like animals and have had both cats and dogs. Individual personalities aside, I prefer dogs to cats. They rarely jump on you with claws full out!

3. If you were to buy a new house or apartment, what would be the top three items on your list?

All choices included, no limits on money? A cabin, lots of trees, flowers and a stream.

4. What inspired you this week?

My sisters, my kids, grandkids–their resilience and courage, generosity and caring. 

Share Your World – July 31, 2017


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