Daily Prompt:  Substandard

“Hey, Maynard, fix that sail” 
No wonder he was sitting in jail
He has no ambition, his skills are weak
Thought I could help him, give him a tweak
The lad is not skillful, he’s resentful and bored
That’s why I said he could be my ward
As time has told, he’s not good with a sword
But his plight with me struck a chord
I was young once with impossible dreams
His turned into unsavory schemes
So that’s where I find many of my crew
Most like to sail with me in lieu
Of being locked up, not being free
With fresh salty breezes on the sea
I have faith in this lad, Maynard
Definitely not substandard.

***I definitely give up on spacing after redoing this three times.🙄😱😑🤓😔



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