Daily Prompt:  Lust

Well, alrighty then! Someone’s bored over at WP?

If I must…..I must

Write about lust

I could rely on semantics

Or my usual, romantic

Could sit here, continue to rust

Or write my version of lust.

Oh wait there’s a rating…

I’ll just sit here waiting

Trying to decide

To forget my pride

Or go for the ride.

That first feeling 

Just a small ping

The look in their eyes

Hard to disguise

Not a flirt or a glance

But an invitation to dance.

If returned, the dance is in

Slow and sensual it begins

If the music quickens

Voices thicken

Then words not needed

Just touching heeded

Temperatures begin to rise

Starting up the thighs

Lips, hands, arms and legs all one

Sometimes repeated, sometimes done.

Is this love or lust, or is it combined

Not for me to decide your mind

Either or both I think, cause pleasure

It’s the human body’s hidden treasure.

P.S. It’s difficult for me to write about lust without immediately going the humorous route, quoting from the Golden Girls’ Rose, “exactly where are your loins?”



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