First Line of the Week #3065

Nevertheless it is a ghost story of sorts.  Violet was a shy, quiet girl of sixteen when she met the man she ended up marrying.  Their life after marriage was typical of the 1900s.  Farming was an all encompassing time, every day, year after year. They were barely surviving, happy for a while, but then overjoyed when their son was born.  They adored their son and as a child he became even more endearing. The busy all consuming farm life brought a sudden end to their happiness.

It was a hot, humid evening and the tiring chore of bringing in the hay was being completed before the expected rain.  Neighbors helped neighbors at this time of harvest, but the entire family was needed to complete the task before the downpour. Violet lost track of their son, who had wandered off near the road.  Once she realized he had disappeared, the entire group started searching.  Unfortunately, he was never found.  

New inhabitants of this ancient farm often hear Violet outside in the night, searching for her son.  She calls to him, hoping to be reunited, even in death.


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