The Secret Keeper – 99 – I Just Want to “Be”

I was reading a few comments today about perceptions based on appearances, judgment, criticism, and I thought that this is something we all do whether we want to or are aware of it, or not. I wrote a poem about it on my blog today (even though my poems are probably judged themselves as not real poetry). Having a daughter, two daughter in laws and five granddaughters, this subject interests me. I consider it relevant today with the flood of advertisements in the media offering creams, lotions, liposuction, Botox, instant facelifts, surgery, diets to make you everything from slimmer to younger, to smarter. Good heavens, is there no one willing to just be? 

It’s not easy fighting these stereotypes of the perfect body and mind, because they are flaunted as today’s norm, the be all you can be with unrealistic expectations. People actually starve themselves to death trying to achieve someone’s idea of perfection. Some go to great lengths and physically injure themselves trying to get that perfect body.

As in all media, huge amounts of money are made from businesses taking advantage of misconceived inadequacies of others. It could be an article about someone’s private life, the perception of someone’s religion, background, political choice, or sexual orientation. No one is allowed to just “be” any longer. The way you appear to others let’s them make up their own minds about you without ever having to hear a word from your lips.

I think that’s part of the problem. We’re all too busy to take the time to listen to others. It’s easy to judge by a first look that sometimes makes a lasting impression. Is that why we all want to look and act perfectly?  

For example, seeing the person in front of you in the grocery line taking too much time getting their order completed. Recently, I was feeling frustrated about this to overhear the reason. Having been a cashier myself at one time, I was familiar with the problem. Only purchases of certain brands and amounts are allowed with a particular form of payment card. The cashier has to know these in advance. The customer using the card may not fully realize this or is new to the program. Hearing this, I felt okay with the wait. I took the time to listen instead of a quick judgment.

I fear that without very careful, even labored, parenting, the generations will become socially inept. The gathering of people to talk things over instead of texting or emailing a message, worries me. The generation that now only speak electronically, never saying things face to face, acknowledging their reaction, in my opinion, isn’t good. I believe everyone needs more interaction with people instead of their electronic devices.

As usual in my rants, I skip around a lot. In my humble opinion, that’s why it’s a rant!😂

Weekly Writing Prompt #99


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