Alphabet Soup Challenge – Q

This is not your famous inspiring quotes post. It is more like the not so famous quotes and a few moments from movies I like.

The moment in “Expendables 2” when Chuck Norris walks on screen.  I realize it’s not a great movie, but I liked it.  I seem to like this type of movie, with antiheroes, reminiscent of “Rambo”.  Both starred Sylvester Stallone, and even at his age now, he’s one of a kind. Of course this was an early role for Liam Hemsworth and you knew he wasn’t going to make it, a small but endearing role.

I am what you might call a movie-talker.  I often use phrases from movies I like, especially if they’re my version of funny.  Most of you have received my reply, “you’re killin’ me Smalls” which I use, from “The Sandlot”; or quotes from “Stand by Me” – “if I could only have one food for the rest of my life?  Easy, Pez, cherry flavored Pez”. These movies take me back to my childhood, and phrases I haven’t heard since then.

The “Terminator” movies hold many recognizable quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character and I loved those movies.  I still get a creepy feeling when Sara is being chased at the end of the first one.  It’s the same feeling I got in “Jurassic Park” when the kids were hiding in the kitchen. It’s not that I don’t like horror, but I don’t really watch them.  “Psycho” was my least favorite of the Alfred Hitchcock movies. I’m pretty much a movie nut and there’s only a very few that I couldn’t stand to watch. 

I’m not mentioning old musicals or dance films here, I’ll save that for later.
P.S.  Am I the only one who thinks episode one of the new season of “Game of Thrones” was disappointing?