Alphabet Soup Challenge – H

“Hacksaw Ridge” – just saw this movie last night.  I am so glad I waited to see it at home, alone.  I was sobbing through the scenes of fighting, knowing this was a rendition of true events.  At the end, the actual main story characters comment a bit.  Their emotion is evident.  These people are the heroes we should never forget.  Your local Veteran’s Hospital holds many of these forgotten men and many young people, too.  Because we are at war. There have been many wars since the one depicted in this movie. We sit, watch a movie and forget there are men and women dying every day, every day! It’s real, and sorrowful.  

Take a day, visit your local Veteran’s Hospital, listen to them.  PTSD takes 22 military personnel every day.

Your local hospital also has lists of items needed by these patients.  There are nursing home/hospice centers where these people are dying alone and forgotten.  Just one hour even, to show them they are remembered.