Time to Write – Retirement

She loved being by the sea.  That is what attracted her to this school in the beginning.  Now that she has taught for over thirty years she will retire closeby.  The lure of the sea mist, the salty air, is so familiar and homey she couldn’t bear to be away from it. And the thought of being able to visit the school she resided in for such long hours of every day, she really would never feel alone.  Teaching and the children were her life’s breath.  She would not survive without that closeness.  Retirement would mean not leaving what she loved, but more time to sit and admire the sea.

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3 thoughts on “Time to Write – Retirement

  1. I always wanted to live by the sea…although the sea I would want to live by existed forty or fifty years ago in the days of my youth. My retirement from teaching is being taken in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, as far from the ocean as I can be and still be in South Carolina.


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