Writephoto – Mask

‘Twas a devil mask I bought

Not giving it a second thought

I love all of Halloween

In this mask I want to be seen

I donned it on that fateful night

Noticed something not quite right

It stayed on all night through

Even on the next day, too.

In fact I found it a useless task 

To rid myself of this devil mask.

I sought the owner of the store

He said no refunds, but I implored

Help I said, I can’t get this off

He turned away, heard him scoff-

Should have read the print so fine

“Once donned, you are mine”

I pleaded almost with a yelp

Please, I need some help!

He pushed a note into my palm

Then stood there, remaining calm

“Meet Me Midnight In The Alley

Then I’ll Tell You Of Your Tally”

I met the devil on that night

His burning fire was the sight

I asked him what was the price

To rid me of this mask device

The fire roared and took its toll

The mask was removed,  also my soul.

Thursday photo prompt – Mask #writephoto

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