Photo Fiction – 96 – Recycling Gone Wrong

“No, there’s no one out there, and even if there was a stray person walking by, they would just think we’re an old wreck.” Joe was always trying to dissuade Minnie from getting upset. She was cautious but also greedy. That’s why they were out here in the first place.

Owning a catering truck may seem a cheap way to make a living, but unless you also live in it, it’s downright hard to make ends meet. Once the initial cost of the truck and inside gear, there’s maintenance and supplies. Air conditioning is one of the most high expenditures, keeping everything fresh and cooled. Limited space for refrigerated units to hold supplies takes priority.  

Maintaining correct temperatures for the health department was also tricky. The thermometers were many and constantly checked. Minnie’s job was more of a procurement nature. It was her idea to come here once a week to “gather” supplies. It was a stream yes, but from where? The term fresh fish was an ominous term in Joe’s mind, but Minnie had no qualms catching, dressing, using, and selling it.

For other needed items, the recycling center was close by. Minnie saw nothing wrong in picking up anything resembling food, in outdated cans, or any other recycled bit. The cornucopia of used or partially used delights were “refurbished” to save money. While Joe didn’t approve, he knew better than to antagonize Minnie. She did what she did and he stood by, saying nothing. He also had his eye on the prize, a few thousands more in profit and they would abandon the food business and settle down, living in the van in Florida.

Minnie took a flashlight and garbage bag, setting off to shop at the recycling center, now closed.


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