Penguin Prompt – 5 – Time

Everyone wishes for more time

To relax or dream sublime

Put their feet up, have a drink with lime

Maybe a roast with onions and thyme?

Everyone thinks of it differently

What would make you the most happy?

Having a romp with your kids acting sappy

Running around with your arms all flappy?

Some people just like to be home

Reading a book and being alone

Others would party till evening’s done

Getting back home just before the sun.

Others read stories or compose a rhyme

Call their friends to join them to dine

Some busy with babies nine to nine

How would you like to spend your time?

Creative (Penguin) Prompt – Week 5


9 thoughts on “Penguin Prompt – 5 – Time

    1. You’re welcome… yes, I get to it when I can. I hope you may one day have the chance too. Warning you in advance that it’s very addictive in a happy way 🙂🙋🏻

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    2. Well for me, yes! I did an online photography course and within a day, I just wanted to take photos all day long and still would if time permitted… hence the warning. But enjoy your hot fudge sundaes in between times🙂🙋🏻🌹

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