SoCS – July 1 – 2017

Ooh and ahh were used many times as my granddaughter recounted her week at a camp last week for kids that are affected by asthma and other afflictions, such as cancer. These camps are free and are held in beautiful places in different states. They are sponsored by such organizations as the Paul (Newman’s Own Foundation). Next time you’re worried about spending a few extra cents on one of his products, think of the kids you are benefitting. That’s worth an ooh and ahhhh.💞

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 1/17


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  1. We know a young woman that had cancer eggnog she was just four years old. She so looked forward to that camp visit every year. You’re right, it’s worth it. I’m glad your granddaughter had such a good time. Supporting those organizations is very important.

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