Prompt – 138 – Distance

It’s the distance I feel

Is it even real?

The love we’re supposed to enjoy?

It’s not like the movie reel

The lovers don’t really feel

There’s no knight in shining armour

No “Ladyhawke” ending

Where love’s never ending

Turns out it’s just a dog and a bird.

Odd couple you think

Thought they were on the brink

Of happiness everlasting

But the truth of it all

The world isn’t small

And the distance couldn’t be conquered.


4 thoughts on “Prompt – 138 – Distance

  1. Animals have a real ability to share their devotion. Whether that is human “love”, depends on the yardstick used to measure. Whatever it is? It is often preferable to that human love. I never cared to keep birds in a cage. however, my ex. did. Which meant I did also. Parakeets. They would sing their little hearts out from that cage. Now a dog and a bird? Hmmm, that might work? I do not care to entertain the thought. I am lucky to have a lot of love in my life. And in the end, the love you take is equal to love you make. ~ P. McCartney. I believe that. Cheers Jamie

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