Daily Prompt:  Magnet and Snack

These two words have something in common

It’s really not an odd phenomenon 

Can you guess what it is?

Right!  If you guessed, a fridge.

I’m sure most of us have a memento or more

Stuck somewhere on our refrigerator doors

One reason is, these memes to keep

Are small and usually quite cheap

These magnets securely hold

Pictures or notes that don’t get old

Things you need to bolster your day

Sometimes a pic of a child at play.

Think I forgot what the fridge doesn’t lack?

Of course it’s always holding a favorite snack.

The refrigerator is a useful tool

When kids come starving straight from school

It’s standard issue for most every home

Usually white with a bit of chrome

The days of wooden ice boxes are done

But you can use a “cooler” if you’re on the run

A refrigerator is a common luxury

Most families consider it compulsory.



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