Daily Prompt:  Loop

We want to be in the loop

To get the latest news scoop

But the new Prez has different goals 

He doesn’t want us to know his foils

Even though reporters toil

They’re left off with Twitter boil

 For when he tweets, the rumors roil.

So while these tweets the news do soil

It seems it serves to make a coil

Spiraling into the darker depths

The real news is named inept

What results can we expect

When so named leaders create defect.



One thought on “Daily Prompt:  Loop

  1. Actions speak louder than words, Cheryl. What he says or how he says it is not important. Watch for the consequences of his actions, or inactions. That’s where the story is. Tweets are a distraction. He’s not unpredictable at all. Look at his history. He’s consistently true to form! 😉 xoxoxoM

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