Picture Prompt-172-Archery 


A few more days of practice

I hope that’s all it takes
These arrows that they packed us
Could be used for stakes!
They’re heavy, and not natural
The weight is just tutorial
Practice for what’s seen on film
But I can only hit the rim
Intended target is so thin
Even with the arrow trimmed
Chances of hitting it are slim.
I like the costume and the words
But shooting arrows is for nerds
My character is hero born
With talents that are well worn
But alas I am forlorn
For archery they’ll have to mourn.



9 thoughts on “Picture Prompt-172-Archery 

  1. When I owned my farm back in the day. A hobby was to shoot a bow. I used a straight forward recurve, similar to the one in the graphic. That one illustrated may look the part but one may see. it is underpowered from the lack of a heavy belly. Oh it will go okay and is accurate to about 30 maybe forty feet. Not much penetrating power though. Also without a forearm sleeve; the shooter is in danger of a bad rash from the string. I know they are just graphics to illustrate a nice poem. Just writing …

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