Photo Fiction – 92 & Time to Write – Mystery Night


It’s shining in, trying to illuminate my escape? The doorknob had turned and opened the door slightly. Could it be a mistake? Is it a trap? My eyes are getting accustomed to the sunlight. I try to move closer to the door. 

Scooting along on the floor, I find my limit. I yank the rope behind me but I can’t reach the doorknob. If I could close my hand around the knob, I might attain enough leverage to lift myself up. I pull on my tether again and again. Frustration creeps in as I realize it must be a form of mild torture, a tease. I feel like the dog who runs to the end of his leash, only to be stopped short at the feet of the intruder.

This is the result of my foolishness–dreams of a romantic endeavor. When I think of it, I am completely disappointed in myself. Who would have answered an online invitation of a mystery adventure? It was seemingly a night of fun and excitement, similar to others my friends and I had previously attended. 

The instructions arrived in an e-mail. The invitation had no foreboding elements that I could see. I was excited to have another marvelous journey. I must admit I enjoy these nights of fantasy. My everyday life and employment are just that, ordinary. These ventures insure a little thrill for a few hours to offset my tedious life. Now, as, I reflect on my decision, I’m sure the victims of these e-mails are exactly the same type of person I am.

I was smart enough to leave destination and time frame information with my roommate. She knew to call the police if I didn’t arrive back home by a certain time. Now if she only remembers to check her watch!

Time To Write: Victim

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