Daily Prompt:  Trace

Ever use a recipe that asks for a pinch, a dollop,  smidgen, or a trace of an ingredient? It would be no problem if you were a chef, and used to these amounts on a daily basis. I’m what you call a home cook, or used to be anyway, and was used to eyeballing amounts.

When shopping with a friend in a kitchen shop, I found a set of measuring spoons that included these measurements. Cool item to have “just in case”.


24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Trace

  1. Woah … some trolling going on from Lost Property? Regardless, smidgen? A small amount.

    Most recipes are about eyeballing, unless baking. Hey I’m with non uni tasking group and do not subscribe to uni tasking gadgets. They just add to clutter … The rest I can figure for myself. !/4 tsp trace and smidgen, are terms I can deal with without a uni tasker. Cheers Jamie

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  2. oh how cool is that? I am now perusing the bloggosphere for a set for my very own. I wonder though if it has a measure for a “soupcon”?

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    1. Did you know the other meaning? Don’t answer that, I’ve been sitting for the ten yr old terror all day…..just a warning.


    2. I don’t know either meaning. We’ve used such terms for measurement for a lot longer than the internet has been around and I’m fairly sure Mr Oxford didn’t include it in his book last time I read it. Did you also look up a bee’s tit?

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