SoCS – May 27, 2017

Good day 🤠! I had to revamp my blog design because mine was “retired”!  And I thought I was old!  But my problem is the pink background, can’t seem to get it light enough or the right shade for my new dragonfly pic.  So, suggestions welcome, vote in the comments, please.  Is it too dark or just plain awful?  

Smell is the Prompt this day from who is kind enough to provide this Stream of Consciousness Saturday feature which is no hill for my step because that’s the way I always write.  Straight from my warped mind to the blog.  Anyway, back to the Prompt.  

Living in an apartment entertains in many ways.  One is aromas.  I say aromas instead of smells, because I love the wafting bacon, cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookie, brownies baking; or spaghetti, barbecue, roast beef and fried chicken odors that drift around at this time of open windows.

Have a great Saturday, long weekend and remember to Go Silent at 3:00pmET, on Memorial Day, Monday in the USA🤗


15 thoughts on “SoCS – May 27, 2017

    1. That’s what I want, honesty. The other was retired and it takes forever to find another and preview it. But this ones giving me problems so I’ll probably change again😨😱

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  1. I am severely visually challenged and keep a magnifying glass in my hand when working on the computer, but I have no trouble at all reading your posts. In fact, I was not aware of the pink background until you mentioned it … I thought it was white! So, no probs for me at any rate.

    And I agree with you on the aromas! I awaken every morning to the scent of fresh coffee from my neighbors. My neighbors on one side are Hispanic, and on the other side they are Arabic, so we are treated to a symphony of aromas quite often! As a bonus, both are friends and frequently bring us samples of their goodies! 🙂

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  2. It’s not my favorite color, but I don’t have trouble reading the post. Perhaps the pink could use a few drops of blue in it? All-in-all I think your blog is attractive. Great photo.

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    1. The dragonfly is my site’s symbol for change. Since gone back to my original, the Lovecraft theme. Easier to change things. I’m not messing with it anymore for a while, too frustrating!😂


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