Examples of Control – Daily Prompt 

You’re riding a horse

Saddle is slipping

And you yell whoa!

The horse refuses

The saddle, you lose it

The horse is in control.

You’re out to lunch

With the office bunch

They all order salads

You’re wanting steak

Which road do you take

Are you in control?

Your teenager’s driving

You hope he’s surviving

But when on the street

With friends he meets

Do you hope he keeps

Calm or do his friends control?

The issue of needing this or that

A new cd, a phone or new hat

Does your bank account take a downward roll

Are you strong enough to maintain control?

We all want to be in control

But fate is sometimes on a roll

Taking its amusing toll

On each and every single soul.



4 thoughts on “Examples of Control – Daily Prompt 

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  2. Interesting. I know cell phones are a loss of control, but I have to have one for safety reasons. “Ive fallen and I can’t get up!” actually happened to me when I didn’t have one.😂


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